Cirsova #2 Funded!

We’ve hit our initial goal of $1k!

Cover in progress 2 (Jabari Weathers Art) pdf cover

My favorite Dream Lords cover!

A few reminders:

-If you want the Ku Kuru Yo variant cover, you need to back the kickstarter; while I’ll have copies of these with me to sell at local and regional conventions, your best chance to own one of these is to pledge for one.  They will not be made available on Amazon.*

Cover in progress 3 (Kukuruyo Art) Front Only

A cover that brought a smile to a Frazetta’s face.

-If you want a hardcover copy of either version, you need to pledge for a copy now.  These things are gorgeous, and you’ll be kicking yourself if you miss out on them.  I’m only making them available via the Kickstarters, and they are simply too expensive for me to keep an on-hand stock at conventions.


This is literally done – the layout issues in this copy have been fixed and our editors’ markups incorporated into the text.  Files are uploaded and ready to go.  The only reason I don’t have finished proofs in hand is because I literally won’t have the cash to spare for another  8 days (it’s car insurance bill month; hooray ToT).

-If you want a reprint of issue # 1 in hardcover, you’re going to need to convince some more folks to throw in.  I may be adding it as a stretch goal soon.


Hardcover on the left.

*For various reasons, they will necessarily be available on a secret Createspace page, but will cost you 3k monies if you try to buy one that way.

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