7 responses to “Liana Kerzner Reviews the New Tarzan

  1. But seriously, how was the beefcake? I mean, story and historical costuming are fine as far as they go, but we I expect a nearly naked brawny jungle man for my entertainment dollars when I go to a Tarzan movie.

  2. “Jane in the books, I mean, she’s not even in the first book”

    Yes she is.

    True she only appears maybe half way into the first book and her plot definitely bleeds into the second…which I have not finished yet. But the first book does go so far as to establish that Jane and Tarzan are in love…though Jane confuses it momentarily for irrational passion and accidentally gets engaged to Tarzan’s Cousin…..

    Did I say I hate the Jane plot line? Yeah I am not a huge fan…..maybe somehow it gets fixed by the end of the second book…but unless she is being mind controlled by aliens who are intentionally making her get engaged to men who are not Tarzan (twice in the first book) I really do not see how.

    • Yeah, I was a little “dwuhuh?” on that point. Maybe she blocked it out of her memory? I’ve totally done that with characters and plotlines in books I haven’t read in years before…

      • She’s someone who is open to discussion (I mean come on, she’s friends with Vee!), and pretty fair minded on a lot of stuff that many folks are prepared to be rigidly ideological about. I enjoy her perspectives and a fair bit of her content she’s done. I’ve followed her for some time, so it’s not like any of her opinions that differ from mine are going to come out of left field to blindside me. Plus, she was nice to work with and is passionate about pulp sci-fi.

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