Pictures of Issue 2 Hardcovers, plus a preview of Issue 3’s cover





After issue 2 gets out the door, we’ll be working non-stop to prep everything for issues 3 & 4!


7 responses to “Pictures of Issue 2 Hardcovers, plus a preview of Issue 3’s cover

    • I know! Jabari Weathers does great work and I’m tremendously fortunate to have him as a collaborator on these. I’m probably a bit biased in saying so, but I think we’re putting out some of the best stuff in terms of SFF covers today. The last thing I wanted was the dour looking model standing against some generic photoshopped background (I swear I facepalm whenever I see someone say how great the Dresden Files covers look), but I am beyond thrilled that we’re able to have something with this level of quality.

  1. Man, Jabari is just killing it. Its the sort of color and energy I want for a pulp cover but fresh and original.

    • If you haven’t seen the semi-final version of the issue 3 cover on the kickstarter, check it there.

      Like I said, I cannot believe how much I lucked out on finding Jabari. His stuff is just out of this world compared the sort of drab SFF art you tend to see these days.

      By the way, I haven’t forgotten about looking for line-art examples. The last two weeks were just crazy busy for me at work and with the mag. I’ll probably be going through B/X and some old AD&D stuff this week and sending you some stuff.

    • Oops, I realized I hadn’t pushed the semi-final version live yet. I forget that Kickstarter posts require two levels of approval before posting…

  2. There is no rush with that. I am actually behind in everything right now so I feel like a heel for nagging about it. But I am definitely looking forward to working on that stuff. Without projects and deadlines (loose ones, ideally!) I would probably never have the focus to improve on anything.

    • Another nice thing about doing a twofer for the rest of the year, I may actually get a month to relax between issues 3 coming out and sending issue 4 to folks! And by relax, I mean work on other projects.

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