Music – Mit Gott ohne Angst, Durch Heer und Kraft

When I first started playing industrial music back in late 07, I ended up with a lot of eastern European neo-folk fans & friends, including these guys (or at least the main guy from back when it was still just a solo project).  Lost touch with just about all of them after the great Myspace exodus of 2011.  Looks like Adam is still making music on his own, though.

God, I need to pull my guitar out and make some noise again…

Also, bizarrely enough, someone bought not one but TWO copies of the old-ass 4 way split CD that was the last official release from my first band, The Death Sound.

Minor addendum:

I used to consider myself anti-fascist until I realized that capital A Anti-fa were, by and large, a bunch of jack-booted thugs. Plus, I found myself with a lot of friends and fans who were Crypto-fascists. I’m not comfortable enough with the imagery myself, even though for many its purpose is iconoclastic, so was never Crypto-fa and have kept my own projects away from it, but most of the ones I’ve known seemed like really nice people. Given the choice between letting two* of my punk friends stay at my house or half a dozen Crypto-fascists I’d just met, I’d probably opt for the latter and be in significantly less fear for my property.

*Punks are really only dangerous in pairs; it’s only then that they feel they have to prove who’s more punk.

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