Steam Shovel McElroy

B/X Stats for this horrifying thing that was used back in the 30s to try to scare folks into thinking pre-recorded music would put musicians out of work.


(As an industrial musician, you’d better believe this guy showed up in my fliers from time to time.)

AC: 0 (19)
Hit Dice: 15** (L)
Move: 20′
Attacks: 1 Grab / 1 Sonic
Damage: 1d4 / 2d6
No. Appearing: 1
Save AS: F8
Morale: 12
Treasure Type: U
Intelligence: 12
Alignment: Neutral
Monster Type: Construct (non-Magical)

Steam Shovel McElroy is a large (12′) bipedal mechanical creature that believes itself to be a travelling bluesman; built into it is a large device containing recorded musical samples which it will blare into the faces of any it can force to listen.

Each round, Steam Shovel McElroy will attempt to grab one individual (up to two) and use its sonic attack. Individuals who have been grabbed may attack (but not move) with a +2 bonus or make a Strength check with a penalty of 4 to break free.

Its sonic attack is made in a 30 degree arc with a range of 20′; all individuals caught within that cone take 2d6 sonic damage (save vs. Breath for half). Victims that have been grabbed do not get saving throws.

Steam Shovel McElroy is immune to normal projectiles; slashing weapons only do magic + strength bonus in damage.

A slot on the creature’s chest leads to a compartment that may be filled with coins.

(it was used as the flier for this show, in fact)

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