If you submitted and have not heard from me

Update: I have audited our Submissions list, checking our records against our actual email outbox.  There were a few people out of the many who submitted that we had failed to reach for various reasons (emails stuck in draft; yahoo replying to wrong address in a chain; general screw ups in trying to keep track of a hundred submissions); I believe we have now reached out to everyone we failed to get in touch with. We are very sorry about this, particularly since several of the submissions whose responses were delayed were EXCELLENT pieces that we simply could not squeeze in for budget reasons.

If you still have not heard from us, please let me know.

By our records, we reached out to everyone, but know for a fact that a few got stuck in draft and outbox.  According to Submission Grinder, there is at least one submission still marked outstanding, but we really don’t have a way of easily finding out who we may not have been in touch with or if our message was lost.

Also, please accept our deepest apologies for not having reached you in a timely manner.


6 responses to “If you submitted and have not heard from me

  1. Duotrope is showing 2 pending responses, 117 and 111 days waiting. Sometimes they just forget to log responses.

    • Yeah, if I hadn’t had a few that slipped through the cracks that I know about, I wouldn’t worry about it; the click-thrus from those sites have me wondering if folks are checking the blog for some kind of update from me.

  2. I never got a response, and I’m definitely sure I got an e-mail confirming my story was sent in.

    In retrospect I look at the story I submitted and see too many flaws, so I’m not really sweating it and can think of several reasons why it might have been rejected – but I still got no response.

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