Music – Stronghold, Summoning


6 responses to “Music – Stronghold, Summoning

    • Heh. Summoning is great; one of the few bands to delve super deep into Tolkien dorkery without coming across as dorky. (Looking at you, Blind Guardian!)

  1. If you had posted the Blind Guardian LOTR album it would have also been a sign. A sign to not read LOTR.

    I keed I keed! I like corny stuff too.

    Yeah, but it would have actually been a sign not to read it.

    • I keep telling myself I need to reread them, but then I remember that I no longer have all of them and I feel weird rebuying LotR when I’ve got mountains of books I really need to read for the first time…

      Man, there’s this great store in my town that I have to avoid except on special occasions, because I end up walking out with a big stack of books. Today, I was buying a gift card for my mom and was all “Oh, hey, can you throw in that stack of 5 Jack Vance books there? Yeah, those ones on top of the Heinlein and in front of the stack of Burroughs Venus books.”

      • Wow! I think I saw that on your feed and took it as good Viking boasting. That store sounds freaking awesome.

      • They totes are. While stuff kinda comes and goes, you can always count on them to have a decent selection of Appendix N and other classic stuff up at the counter. They’re where I got my signed copy of My Lord Barbarian and all that Thomas B Swann and my first Fafhrd & Mouser book. I have to stay away, because I find myself buying stuff 5 or 6 books at a time.

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