Even MORE Literary Inspirations for Original TRAVELLER

Tales to Astound!

toy1The Cirsova website just posted Issue 1 of their magazine online. In that issue is an article by Jeffro Johnson about the influences of E.C. Tubb’s Dumarest books on original Traveller. Marc Miller has pointed to the books as a source of inspiration for the original game, and Johnson walks us through the variety of ways Miller pulled details from the novels for his own ends.

He begins:

The Traveller role-playing game has ended up being as frustrating as it is endearing over the years. Of course, people that are fluent in hundreds of pulp science fiction stories are going to be quite capable of interpolating all kinds of scenarios from a stray world profile code, a rumor, or a random patron result. But not everyone has that kind of deep genre knowledge on tap, and even with some of the impeccably well-crafted setting supplements for the “official” setting…

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