I forgot to update my deadmans switch post

Sorry! I got really busy and forgot to bump it up a couple months.

I’ve had it in case anything ever happened to me and I suddenly disappeared.  Part of why I had it is because of a couple bloggers I really liked and used to talk to, Shorty Monster in particular, who was one of my first friends on WordPress, just suddenly vanished – no posts, no updates, no email replies.  Just gone.  I wouldn’t want to leave folks who only knew me through the internet in suspense, so I kept a post scheduled out a few months in advance and would bump its publication date up on a regular basis.  Of course, I’ve been crazy busy the last two months, and most of my activity on wordpress has been reblogging others, so I forgot to update the posting date!

Sorry, everybody!

(also, Shorty Monster, if you’re alive, I’d love to hear from you).

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