We Made It!

We’ve reached our initial goal of $2500!  That’s well and good, but that certainly doesn’t mean we’re going to stop!


The $2500 we’ve raised will help ensure that we can afford to put out at least two more issues of Cirsova, in Spring and Fall of 2017.  If we get more pre-orders, however, we’ll be able to up that number to as many as 4 (though that would require roughly $8000 in pre-orders).

The near-final physical proofs of issue 3 should be in soon.  The hardback is on its way, as are 5 copies which will be for sale at Spa-Con in a couple weeks.  Why only 5?  There are a few last minute ads that folks have asked me to hold on for, but I wanted to make sure I had something to sell at my table in the meantime.

So, what are the state of things for Cirsova Publishing in general? Since we’ve been crowdfunding, I think it’s only fair to share with our readers and supporters what the future looks like.

With all expenses related to content, production and fulfillment to date for Cirsova 2016, we’re looking at roughly $5k in the red.

“That sounds terrible!” I hear you say? Well, I won’t lie and say that it’s great, but consider this: except for fulfilling backer rewards for this last kickstarter, for which we have not yet collected funds, everything in 2016 is paid for.  I’ve got one more check I need to write for the Issue 4 cover, but that’s already factored into that $5k.

Amazon residuals are beginning to trickle in, and they were slow at the start, but last month we sold 20 physical copies plus a few dozen digital copies (on top of what was sold through the second Kickstarter), and those numbers will continue to grow as word spreads about what a fine publication we are!  So, with Issue 3 coming out in a few weeks and Issue 4 coming out in early December, there will be plenty of time for us to accumulate sales numbers to defray our start-up expenses.

So, if you have not already backed us on Kickstarter, please consider doing so!


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