“Leftist” Gamergate & the Alt-Right


Sometimes you get to choose the wars you fight in… Sometimes you get drafted and war chooses you…

I haven’t written much about Gamergate lately, but with all of this stuff about Gamergate and the Alt-Right coming up recently, I felt I needed to get some things off my chest.

First, I want to talk about GGRevolt and the ethics cuck thing. Even if GGRevolt was more or less right about Social Justice being one of the root problems in journalism, many failed to articulate it in a way that could convince anyone, and the term ethics cuck was not just off-putting, it sounds really stupid. Dan Wolfgang (the QuQu’s producer), pointed out to me that it’s not particularly worse than Social Justice Warrior or Feminazi (which, despite being a catchy portmanteau is, as he noted, invoking Godwin). FWIW, I’m not big on calling folks SJWs or Feminazis either.

Second of all, depending on who you ask, I’m either alt-right or not welcome in the alt-right (muddy blood, and what not). You might say I’m on the left-fringe of the Alt-right. But I’d like to talk about the inescapable political conversation and politics surrounding an “apolitical” movement, especially as those in the left stake claim of Gamergate while disavowing the right.

A lot has been made, and is still being made, of that Gamergate Political Compass meme, which is often tossed out there to “prove” that Gamergate was a left-libertarian movement.  The problem with this is that the meme is a snapshot from one moment, fairly early on in Gamergate, with no meaningful data behind it, based on a political test that skews left-libertarian with ranked statements that basically sound like “I believe people should have rights” and “I believe corporations should be allowed to rape the earth.”

The new Alt-Right meme vs. the Gamergate is leftist meme is another way that the media has managed to successfully create drama and in-fighting among people who’d done the whole ‘ethics in games journalism’ thing together. While I haven’t seen many people on the Alt-Right try to claim broadly that Gamergate was a rightwing movement, some have (rightly) tried to point out to certain left-leaning individuals, who are trying to distance themselves from Trump and the Alt-Right, that yes, there were a lot of conservatives involved in Gamergate. Heck, I was one of them.

I don’t have a problem with people who lean left in Gamergate; I don’t deny that they exist, nor do I deny that they may have made up a sizable portion, if not a majority, of those involved. I don’t have a problem with people having left-leaning politics. I am annoyed when folks on either side of politics try playing the “You’re not really Gamergate” card, but honestly I can understand why someone would suspect a person (in the US) didn’t actually care about Ethics In JournalismTM if they remained, after what they’d learned, a loyal Democrat supporter.

One of the reasons why, on the face of it, Gamergate is appearing to many as a right-leaning movement is that you have those who genuinely want to fight the fight for Ethics in Journalism who see, understand, and will try to expose media corruption and cronyism, and the inconvenient truth of the matter is those things presently are far more to the benefit of left-leaning, pro-social justice, and Democrat politicians than anyone else.

Democrat and Republican voters actually have a lot in common; not the least of which is their hatred for elected Republicans!


3 responses to ““Leftist” Gamergate & the Alt-Right

  1. A few thoughts:

    a) “Right-wing” is negatively loaded word nowadays, so people try to disassociate from it. Hence the need to say “no, no, we are not right-wingers and here’s the proof” as if that mattered in assessing their statements. If an industry is corrupt, who cares if a group who criticizes it is left-leaning or not? Like “racist”, those accusations are not made to describe anything but to label the other side as untrustworthy and suspect, and to force them to accept the assumption that it’s all about an ideological divide in gaming.

    b) In that regard, GG lost and fell into the trap of accepting the “enemy”‘s discourse. The “it’s about ethics in video game journalism” may have been an attempt to solve that, but it’s certainly not a winning argument. It’s very difficult to explain to outsiders, and no consumer movement ever defined itself as, I don’t know, “ethics in car manufacturing.”

    c) Personally, I think calling them SJW doesn’t help (even though I use that label quite a lot.) It’s a label that can be easily turned around (“yeah, we believe in social justice, so what”) and it hides what their real sins are: corruption, lying, collusion, nepotism, incompetence, general stupidity, and using identity politics as a shield.

    I had more letters in mind, but I think that covers most of it.

    • Yep. One of the first, and most successful, efforts to destroy GG came from the media labeling it “Right-Wing”; rather than play the sort of “yeah, whatever” card the Alt-Right has been using RE: racism, a lot of folks virtue-signaled and threw conservative elements within GG under the bus in attempt to distance themselves, saying “Nuh, uh, no we’re not!”

      I think that was a rift that never healed, and while you can say GG did a lot of cool and good things, there was way more internal conflict here than there should’ve been. It also didn’t help that a lot of people seemed intent to act like heels about it.

      And like I’ve said before, I’d kinda hoped that “OMG, Game Devs & Publishers shacking up with Game Journalists!” could’ve morphed into “OMG, Capitol Hill staffers married to and/or having affairs with Washington Press Corp members!” And with George Stephanopoulos masquerading as a journalist out in the open, an Ubisoft PR person sharing an apartment with a game journo seemed like small potatoes.

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