Some Notes Towards A Pulp Revival Manifesto


In yesterday’s post I wrote about the Pulp Revival, and I–rather off the top of my head–listed a handful of characteristics of what I consider the Pulp Revival Aesthetic.  I would like to discuss that list in more detail today.

action-oriented storytelling, protagonists with a clear moral compass, an element of romance in both the classical sense of decisive action as well as the modern sense of interpersonal passion, and an unapologetic view of violence as the proper tool for overcoming evil.

Action Oriented Storytelling:  Action-packed is almost a synonym for Pulp Fiction, but I think that Action Oriented Storytelling is more than just fights on top of speeding trains and blowing things up. What I mean is that the use of a character’s actions–in opposition to a description of the character’s feelings–should be the primary engine that drives the story.  Don’t tell me that Thangar felt sad at…

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