Pokemon Jello Shots

For a friend’s birthday over the weekend, we concocted and later made a handful of Pokemon themed jello shots. Though our friend originally had considered doing all 151 of the original pokemon, we wheedled the list down to 50 and finally to around 2 dozen. I’m not going to go into all of the details, and several ideas which seemed good on paper did not work out in practice.

But the following were highlights and ones I would recommend*:

Ivysaur/Venusaur**: blue raspberry & cherry jello with a chunk of strawberry

Charmeleon/Charzard**: orange and cherry jello (w/fireball) plus chili pepper flakes

Pikachu: lemon jello with a maraschino cherry, dusted with pop-rocks after set.

Those three were the best, with the Pikachu probably being a favorite. Others ranged from okay to terrible.

I’ll talk about where the magazine is at and stuff tomorrow.

*:worth noting, I’m not a fan of jello or jello shots (or even Pokemon), but I did enjoy these.

**:The only difference in these was the size of the shot; first evolutions lacked the respective non-jello garnish


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