Cirsova #3 Out Now + Hardcover Reprints Available

Cirsova #3 is now out pretty much everywhere.



Amazon (Kindle & Softcover)

Smashwords (ePub)

Also hardcovers are now available for all 3 issues, including the Ku Kuru Yo variant cover. So, if you missed them the first time around, now is your chance!

Issue 1 Hardcover

Issue 2 Hardcover

Issue 2 Variant Hardcover

Issue 3 Hardcover


8 responses to “Cirsova #3 Out Now + Hardcover Reprints Available

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  2. It was a great issue, really enjoyed it. I read it on my Kindle and only have one tiny gripe. There isn’t any table of contents. It’s really useful on an ebook because it allows you to jump to individual stories for re-reads etc.

    • Thanks! I’ll see if I can figure out a way to include a workable ebook TOC in the future. Our PDF versions were bookmarked, but I guess that doesn’t carry over into our ebook formatting…

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