New Review of Cirsova #2

While we clearly weren’t to the reviewer’s tastes, we’ve got some pretty good pull quotes from this rather mixed review from The Future Fire.

Readers who would rather avoid any fantasy that could have been written later than the 1970s will certainly welcome this new small magazine.



7 responses to “New Review of Cirsova #2

  1. “vaguely juvenile fantasy” made me laugh. That he was able to find a single story that didn’t meet one of his diversity quotas was so surprising that I had a heart attack from the shock and died. I literally died. My ghost stopped just long enough on its trip to the pearly gates to type up this comment.

    • LOL!
      I’m torn between including the above quote on the issue 4 dust-flap or “puerile…genuinely terrible”.

      Awhile back, I went to a site that cataloged all blogs that did reviews and hit up all the ones that were willing to add us to their queue. This was one of the only ones that followed up, so I’m always glad for the exposure. When I sent them a copy, though, I didn’t know about their identifying as “Social-political and progressive speculative fiction magazine and small press, #feministSF, queerSF, ecoSF; diverse, inclusive, intersectional.” All things considered, this is a positively glowing review!

  2. God that website is painful. Saying shit like “I’m into critical scifi, my characters explore gender and race by being dark skinned lesbians,” is about as creative as being thinking the Sex Pistols are edgy punk in 2016.

    • I know, right? No struggle but the class struggle!

      I do wonder what he would’ve made of the sword & planet novelette in issue 3 with the Albanian-style sworn-virgin woman living as a man in the service of an eccentric wizard.

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