255 Game Creators For Hillary (for me to poop on)

I don’t have time to go into this list in detail, because I’m too busy getting issue 4 ready to go out the door, but a laundry list of people in gaming have signed onto this bizarre open letter trying to convince gamers that Hillary is a cool D&D mom.

Aside from the fact that her campaign manager actually is into 1980s style ritual abuse that people tried to associate D&D with, this is an absolutely non-sense argument.

There are a lot of Pathfinder and Wizards of the Coast schmucks on this list, like the utterly loathable Jessica Price and that weenis Mike Mearls, as well as the Cards Against Humanity crew. The only names I’m bummed about are Liz Danforth, Jeff Grubb, and Tim Brannan.  Brannan comes as a bit of a surprise, given his penchant for pinups, but he’s also really big into witches, so maybe the whole Spirit Cooking thing floats his boat.

One very important name is not on this list: E. Reagan Wright

You should probably be playing this instead of that Pathfinder or 5e garbage anyway.



15 responses to “255 Game Creators For Hillary (for me to poop on)

  1. “join us in voting for the highest-level candidate for president we’ve ever seen,”

    Dear Lord, they don’t actually MEAN that, do they?

    Not familiar with Grubb or Brannan’s work, but I’ve been of fan of Liz Danforth for nearly 40 years. How…depressing.

    Oh well, I’ll have to check back at that site after the election; should be some entertaining tears being shed.

  2. Wow. They actually tried to come up with a gaming version of Lena Dunham’s “Voting for Obama is like losing my virginity” ad.

  3. Politics and Gaming should NEVER mix.

    But few if any names on that list are an actual surprise.

    If I judged game creators by their politics, I’d find myself saving a lot of money. Obviously, that isn’t how I judge them 😉

    • Thanks for dropping by, Tenkar! Honestly, if they’d actually tried to make a case for her on policy, no matter how wrong I thought it was, it would not be as stupidly objectionable as this attempt to make Hillary cool in a “Hey, guys, she’s just like us gamers, that’s why you should vote for her!”

      While the Dungeons & Donalds gag account is pretty funny, it’s not being seriously used as a call to rally gamers because “one-of-us”.

      And yeah, I generally try not to judge creators on their politics unless their politics become inextricably entwined with their creations. For all I know, several creators I enjoy and support may be supporting Hillary, but they had the good sense to not sign onto this.

  4. Nothing but idiotic virtue signaling. Vote Democrat or you’re an evil hatey hatemonger? Not at my table — I allow my players to go wild and have fun.

  5. It’s refreshing that Webb and Slavisek aren’t on that list.

    Interesting that Monte Cook isn’t, especially since Shana Germain is…

    • Yeah. Well, some of them might simply have realized that even if their politics aligned with Hillary, signing their names to this would be a monumentally bad idea.

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