Review of Shitlord: The Triggering

The Mixed GM

If it is not obvious by the title of this post, much of what is written herein may be a little offensive.

I appreciate DIY-gaming, so when I discovered this adaption? mutation? fork? (in the computer programing sense, not the utensil) of Swords and Wizardy, I was blown away. It is not revolutionary in what it contains, but it is an example of what DIY-gaming can do. I want to encourage anyone who has any sort of gaming idea to make it happen. If this can be made, anything can!

Is it perfectly formatted and utterly professional in its presentation? No. There a few minor errors here and there, but if you are even a tiny bit familiar with any retroclones or the original D&D, you should be able to figure it out.

Is it funny? Absolutely.*

Is it political? Yes.**

There are a couple of ways to look…

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