Cirsova #2 Review at Tangent Online

Tangent Online gave us a positive review here.

This is a pretty big deal, because as I understand it, Tangent primarily reviews Pro-level publications only.

Issue 4 will be going out this week and soon I should have a line-up for issue 5 to announce. We’re still sorting things out and trying to get an idea of how many stories we can buy, but we should know for certain once Issue 4 goes out the door and most of our expenses for 2016 have cleared.

Things we can confirm right now for 2017, however, are plenty of Eldritch Earth goodness and more Dream Lords!


7 responses to “Cirsova #2 Review at Tangent Online

    • Given our limited space and budget for next year, we elected to do a closed submission period for 2017. Submissions were by invitation only, primarily to give priority to previous contributors. The lineup for Issue 5 is more or less set, and final decisions on Issue 6 will be made soon.

      Hopefully we will be able to have “open” submissions again for 2018, but it depends on whether or not the magazine comes close to being self-sustaining.

  1. Congratulations. I need to write up a review of issue #2 myself, but I’ll probably be posting some pre-written articles first, since I’m swamped at work.

    I haven’t even had time to read issue #3 yet, hopefully I will some time before the end of the month.

  2. Nice review, maybe that will get Cirsova a little more exposure/recognition in established circles.

    Looking forward to issue #4.

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