Thoughts on Berserker — PC Bushi

Earlier this year, I read Berserker and thought it was a pretty solid collection of short stories. I don’t know that I’m ready or have the time to plunge headlong, committing myself to the extensive Berserkerverse, but the first book was pretty great (even though I keep hearing folks say ‘the writing wasn’t as good in that one).

I wrote a little about Berserker last week. Though the series isn’t specifically name-dropped in Appendix N (Saberhagen does get an “et al,”), I thought it was quite good and a spiffy intro to his stuff. My enjoyment of the first installment may have contributed to my Black Friday purchasing decisions (Changeling Earth and the Complete […]

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2 responses to “Thoughts on Berserker — PC Bushi

  1. My sentiments exactly. “Solid” is a great word for it, and like you I’m not sure I’ll be reading any of the sequels anytime soon. Glad I am familiar with it now, though.

    • Yeah, it’s like “He made it really interesting and fresh over the course of several short stories here, but am I ready to commit to seeing if he keeps it interesting over decades of novels?”

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