Cirsova 2017 Line-up…

Will be announced soon. At this point, things are sorted into stuff for issue 5, stuff for issue 6, and stuff I’m going to cry about and wish I had the $1200 I’d need to put out a 3rd issue this year but don’t. I’m literally down to pocket change, at the moment, so we may be opening up a Cirsova CafePress or something similar to help defray some of our mounting expenses.

Other big announcements are forthcoming, but we have some really exciting stuff in store.

Later this week, I plan on talking about Swords of Steel Vol. 1, which I finished over the weekend. I’ll go ahead and say now, though, that it’s the real deal for folks who like gritty Sword & Sorcery.


6 responses to “Cirsova 2017 Line-up…

  1. Awesome work, sir! Good for you for persevering! Keeping your head above water enough to flag the helos in this vast publishing ocean is a feat in and of itself, so I’d say you’ve worked miracles thus far. I’m sure you’ll find more miracles waiting in the wings.

  2. I loved Cirsova 1-4 and I cannot wait for more. You are putting out high quality fiction. I realize I cannot speak for all your readers, but I am going to anyway. We all appreciate what you have done!

  3. I just bought issue #2 and I’ve read 50% of it. I have to say that this far, it’s fantastic and I can’t wait to purchase other issues. I’ve been recommending it to everyone.

    I felt that the lead story, The Sealed City, was particularly cool and ‘sealed’ the deal for me. Pun intended. I can’t remember the last time I found newer short sci-fi/fantasy fiction worth the time or money.

    Good job.

    • Thanks! That’s awesome to hear! If you really liked Adrian Cole’s story in issue two, be sure to look for his original Dream Lords trilogy from the mid-70s that it is expanding upon. Next year, we’re planning on continuing Voruum’s adventures through two more short stories which will (fingers cross) eventually lead into a novella length work.

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