Game Name Ideas

My friend is trying to put a name to his game.

It’s more difficult to come up with an alliterative pairing that captures the feel and nuance of a system than one would think.

It needs to capture –

  • an urban feel
  • really gross and gritty “why is everything covered in wet coffee grounds?” perpetual low-level adventuring
  • job-based class system, focusing on a mix of martial and non-martial urban professions, largely in the lower class of society
  • very low magic, but what magic there is is absolutely terrifying
  • almost complete absence of vanilla fantasy stock monsters in favor of mutated horrors
  • A vaguely Dickensian feel, what with all the chimney sweeps and rat-catchers.

Here are a few posts about the game and system:



7 responses to “Game Name Ideas

  1. A quick brainstorm:

    Alleyways & Apparitions

    Scoundrels & Shadows

    Gargoyles & Gaslight

    Alienists & Alleyways

    Chimneys & Cutthroats

    Cobbles & Cutthroats

    Malefactors & Mist

    Phantasm & Physiks

    Malefactors & Mediums

    Gaslight & Grifters

    Gaslight & Grave Robbers

    • I like Gaslight & Gargoyles, assuming those are appropriate for the game.

      I also really like some of the others, like Cobblestones & Cutthroats, and Gaslight & Grave Robbers, but they don’t include a fantasy element, so they might not convey the whole feel of the game.

      • Yeah, probably gonna avoid the “Gaslight”, since it pins the game to a time scope that the system actually goes beyond.

        Cobblestones & Cutthroats is a good one.

        I’ve gotten one other player, though, to second Gutters, Guilds and Grimoires.

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