Planetary Awards Update and Reminders

This is just another reminder to all book bloggers out there to get your nominations in for the Planetary Awards. You can find more information here at the official site.

I probably will not be nominating anything personally this year, because frankly a lot of the best fiction I’ve read from 2016 is that which I’ve published. I’ve read some other really great recent stories, like those in Swords of Steel and Robert Kroese’s Starship Grifters, but those aren’t from 2016, and I probably won’t get around to reading Swords of Steel Vol 2 in time to make the Planetary Awards.

Karl K. Gallagher’s* Torchship Pilot was excellent and absolutely worth checking out if you have not. The only reasons I’m not nominating it for this year’s award are that I haven’t read the final version yet** (I had the honor of being a beta reader; thanks, Karl!) and because last year I nominated Torchship, the previous book, and it won!

Cirsova contributors Schuyler Hernstrom and Brian K. Lowe have both gotten noms for this year’s Planetary Awards, for Images of the Goddess***(SH) and The Invisible City(BKL), and for Athan and the Priestess(SH).

*: Also a Cirsova contributor.

**:Both of my parents, who are huge SF aficionados, have read it and thought it was amazing, as good as the first, if not better! Now that Mom’s finished it, I can get my copy back and read it myself.

***: Images of the Goddess appeared in Cirsova #2 (Summer, 2016). It can be read for free here, but if you want to kick a few bucks our way, it’s on Amazon and Lulu.

3 responses to “Planetary Awards Update and Reminders

  1. You’ve got until Feb 14th if you find something in Swords of Steel 2, or decide to go with Torchship Pilot. I was wondering if it would get a nomination. I haven’t read it yet, because I was hoping it would come out as an audiobook. It’s no problem if you want to nominate from the beta read, but if it wins, I might have to rename the awards – The Karl Gallagher Awards? The Torchship Awards?

    I’ll post about my own readings which are potential nominees in early Feb.

    • Mostly it’s that now that I’m also a publisher, I want to avoid the appearance of favoritism and dial back where I’ve allowed myself to have appeared to engage in it.

      As such, I’ll not be making any public nominations or specific recommendations for works in categories in which we’ve published eligible pieces.

      For instance, I have a post queue up for tomorrow noting the Hugo eligibility of all Cirsova pieces, but if and when I post my own Hugo faves, I’ll be limiting myself to obscure categories such as Podcast and Dramatic Presentation.

      I will, however, be sharing any recommendations of our contributors I find elsewhere.

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