Fantasy Art Scholarship Ends this Month

I just kicked $100 towards this scholarship this year – so, if you’re an artist, you should apply for it; if you have money, you should donate.

Postmortem Studios

Here’s a copy of the letter I’ve sent to educational art institutions. Feel free to send this information to any institutions, groups or others that you know of.

My apologies if this has reached the wrong person/department or a college/university without relevant course but I had to scrape contact emails from UCAS. Please take the moment to pass this on to the appropriate department or person.

Short version:
I run a small publishing company concentrating on producing analogue games (tabletop games, mostly role-playing games like Dungeons & Dragons but also card games, board games and electronic publishing in PDF and ebook formats). In running this company I have often had cause to hire young artists and that relationship has meant I have helped pay young artists through college and university with commissions over the years.
One young artist I worked with for several years was Zachary ‘Zel’ Harris, who was…

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