Cirsova #5 Out Now!

At long last, our 5th issue is out! If you like Heroic Fantasy, H.P. Lovecraft, Robert E. Howard, and Edgar Rice Burroughs, you’re going to love this!

$8.50 Softcover 

$2.99 eBooks 

$40 Hardcover

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Interview with S.H. Mansouri

In case you missed it, Scott Cole over at Castalia House did a great interview with one of our contributors, S.H. Mansouri.

Be sure to check it out, if you haven’t already.

Mansouri has contributed The Water Walks Tonight and The Phantom Sands of Calavass to Cirsova issues #2 & #4, and has a new story, Beyond the Great Divide, in Cirsova #5, which will be out this Friday.

21st Century Wonder Stories: Call For Submissions


We are looking for 21st Century Pulp Revival stories. 

Who’s we?  Well, there’s me, Rawle Nyanzi,  Kevyn Winkless, and Sky Hernstrom. There is also a good chance that, once complete, the anthology will be published by Superversive Press.

Right now payment details haven’t been worked out, but I’ll be honest, this collection is not likely to be a money maker.  The goal of the anthology is to promote the Pulp ideals and the authors involved.  I’ll post more details when I have them.

What is meant by 21st Century Pulp Revival? Rawle came up with this list, which I have expanded on somewhat:

1) The setting must be contemporary Earth. No “Twenty minutes into the future,” no 1950s/60s period pieces, and no alternate history. Stories should be set in the world that you see outside your window.  No time travel, space travel, or dimension hopping. 


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Kickstarter Backers: Grab Your eBook Copies Today!

Smashwords wasn’t properly converting .doc files to output ebooks with tables of contents/bookmarks.  While I was able to fix this for .epub formats, I don’t think I was able to for .mobi.  Seriously, if you’re going to sell .pdf and .mobi files, maybe you should let publishers upload files in the formats that you offer instead of using your sad garbage-can full of wet coffee grounds and room temperature American cheese slices file converter!

So, uh… I just converted the files myself and put them on a Google-drive instead. Links to download them can be found here on this backer only update post.