G3: Trying to Wield an Unwieldable Demon Sword

My character in G3 has reached a point where he’s more or less maxed out his potential down the combat path. The only way I’ll be able to bump my melee up further is to become Barbarian, which doesn’t really jibe with his character concept, or do something like buying up STR points at double cost. Even if I can buy up my STR, the most I can buy it up by is 4, which will still only put me in +2 territory, so I’ll never be able to increase my melee by more than 1 (it’s already ridiculously high anyway, two shy of max).

So, I’ve decided to use the XP I’ve been banking to do something kind of weird and crazy.

Awhile back, the town was invaded by demons summoned by wolf-cultists during a festival. The demons who were killed left behind these really wicked nasty zweihanders that normies couldn’t touch; if you tried to pick it up, it would deliver a pretty powerful shock. It took a decent amount of bundling to safely carry a few of them back to a safehouse, where they’ve languished ever since.

One of our party members just upgraded from Apprentice Diabolist to full-fledged Diabolist. This meant that I could apprentice under him without having to find an NPC teacher. My Man-At-Arms is actually pretty smart; if he hadn’t randomly started as a watchman with the militia, he would’ve made for a great magic-using character.

So, I sunk 100 XP into picking up the Apprentice Diabolist profession, used 100 XP to buy Low Demonic, used 100 XP to buy Fleshcrafting, and used 100 XP to buy Craftsman: Armorer from a skill book that allows purchase of non-profession skills at normal cost. My character takes what he’s learned to craft a set of plate gauntlets that will let him safely wield a demon sword. With a crafting time of 22 days, I have no idea how long IRL it will take to finish them, but I cannot wait to see this pans out.


7 responses to “G3: Trying to Wield an Unwieldable Demon Sword

    • Gutters, Guilds, & Grimoires.

      There are two schools of diabolrie, Pactmaker and Fleshcrafter.

      The latter do things like grow limbs and homonculi in vats.

  1. I’ve been scooping up WFRP 2nd ed lately and can definitely feel the influence. Question for you. Could you have spent the points to also move into a more priestly type? A Templar or Paladin? Just curious, you know I’m wild about this game you get to play you lucky beast.

    • I don’t know that we’ve really explored the priestly classes much. We’ve had one or two characters who were acolytes but died before one could say they were really playtested thoroughly.

      I don’t believe that there are any Templar or Paladin equivalents in the system/setting.

      The Knight class is available, but one of the prerequisites for it is having a horse and knowing how to ride it; given the urban setting and the general penury of the characters, there hasn’t been any real drive to go for that class (though my current character COULD get there if he wanted; one of his liege’s lancers was killed and left a spare horse).

      A Templar/Paladin in this system would be more likely to be a cross between multiple roles than an actual role all by itself.

      • Tell your GM my wife bakes incredible things. I mean bribe him. I’m dying to get a look at this!

      • Soon! Soonish… Maybe soonish…

        I may try to talk him into running a game of it at North Texas RPG Con.

        I think he might be amenable to it after we hammer out some of the issues that cropped up with the alchemist classes.

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