I Disavow Everyone

Alt-Furry, the Pulp Revolution, Vox Day, the Sad Puppies, the Rabid Puppies, our readers and subscribers, all them. I disavow everyone.

2018 will feature both a special Elves issue and an Engineers Troubleshooting Spaceship Circuitry issue, so get writing!

Details forthcoming in a File770 exclusive.

29 responses to “I Disavow Everyone

  1. lulz

    I hate you….and it is pure jelly.

    Only the best living short fiction editor in the world could pull off this joke.

    And madman Cirsova did it.

  2. Oh sure, it’s all fun and games until the old guy strokes out over the so–called “joke”.

    Could you please NOT do this to me again?

  3. Good idea. Probably best to stay away from all of it. Don’t try to join a conversation, don’t comment on anything. Hell, I shouldn’t even be commenting here and now! Keeping my trap shut before I step in it!

  4. One last word though: You would think they’d have all gotten enough politics out of the last 1.5 years of the big circus. Can’t imagine why they want to start some here where it don’t belong.

  5. So does this mean you’re interested in my Forgotten Realms fanfic now? It’s extra angsty, with extra drow!!

  6. I think this is agreeable to a certain market group. Proceed carefully don’t want to upset the people who don’t read or buy the shit we like.

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