Issue 5 Audiobook

Cirsova Publishing will be working with JimFear138 of Dimension Bucket to put together an audiobook edition of Cirsova Issue 5.

This should be available September, around the same time that Issue 6 becomes available.

More details when we have them.


4 responses to “Issue 5 Audiobook

    • Alright! We’re going to go through one or two stories at a time, so I’ll probably be getting in touch with various authors on individual pronunciations. For the setting ones, off the top of my head:
      -Deodanth, I assume it’s “Day-O-danth”
      -Yrrowaine, I’m assuming the Y is pronounced with a long E (like Ear-O-wAn, maybe with a very soft barely audible “y” (yEar))

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