Submissions: Just a Reminder

We’ll begin accepting Submissions on June 1st.

We are looking for Sword & Planet, Raygun Romance, and Heroic Fantasy. While we buy and publish other types of SFF, those are what we generally make our priority.

Please have your manuscripts formatted properly (double spaced, page numbers, your name and address on the 1st page, etc.). The less we have to muck with fixing wonky formatting in your manuscript, the better disposed to it we’ll be. The same goes for weird and wonky sentence structure. Lots of short sentence fragments may seem dramatic and pulpy in your head when you write them, but they often read poorly. Same with overly long and cumbersome sentences; the less of these we have to detangle, the better a chance your manuscript stands. Read your sentence out loud without taking a breath in the middle; if you’re feeling dizzy by the end of it, consider tightening it up.

We’re only looking at acquiring about 90K words of content. We’ve already blocked off a slot for Adrian Cole’s novella and have a couple other things slotted in by prior arrangement, so competition for space may be fierce. Your best bet is sending in something in the 5k word range.

Please no multiple submissions; if we think that you have the knack to write the sort of story we’re looking for but your submission was not quite what we were looking for, we may solicit you to submit a different story, but please don’t make us play Sophie’s Choice with your stories.

If we experience a radical windfall in sales revenue, we might up the amount of content we acquire, but we’ll probably stick with just two issues.

Don’t send stories about elves

Details are available under our submissions guidelines page.


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