Pellucidar Game Notes

I’ve had some great feedback on the weapon system I’m using for the Pellucidar game I’ll be running friday.

It’s still going to be a fairly light system, but I’ve done the following:

  • made a mini-monster manual with 5 pages worth of stuff from B/X and Isle of Dread.
  • Come up with a random terrain table. It may come out with total garbage, but rather than try to draw a map ahead of time, I’ll have the world be completely emergent. Eventually, towns and Nazi bases will show up via random rolls. Or they won’t and either the party will have to keep looking or I’ll have to drop one somewhere once they meet some friendly humans.
  • Come up with encounter tables for the terrain types. These aren’t super detailed, because I’m not going with the full X1 encounter tables, but I wanted to include everything in my micro monster manual and make each type of terrain be somewhat distinct in terms of what might show up there.

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