What’s the Solution, Lew?

Interesting bit from Stelios today on the OSR and Lew Pulsipher’s latest EN World article. Feel free to pretend like my comments are today’s Cirosova blog post!

How to Quit the Gamer Lifestyle

To those who don’t know: Lewis Pulsipher has been around in RPGs for a long time.

If you open up the AD&D Fiend Folio, you’ll see his name credited to monsters like the Elemental Princes of Evil and the Poltergeist. He contributed articles to Dragon magazine back in the 1980s (one of my favorites being “Be Aware and Take Care” from issue #79). And I’ve kept up with his blog over the years. Interesting stuff. He brings with him years of insights when it comes to the hobby and game design.

Then I read his recent post on EN World: Consequences and Reward in RPGs, and wasn’t sure what to think.

It reiterated and summarized much of what he has said on his blog:

  • Role Playing Games these days just aren’t like what they used to be.
  • Back in the day, consequences mattered in RPGs. Now only rewards…

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