Half-way through the current stack…

Though that doesn’t mean much… I could get a deluge at any moment, but as of this posting, I have fewer than 30 stories to get through.

I’ll HOPEFULLY be able to be getting back with folks and making offers by early to mid July.

If you want to support Cirsova Magazine and ensure that we can pull off 2018 without finding our pockets turned out, now is the time to purchase advertising in our Fall 2017 issue. You can find our rates here.

I’m trying to get ahead on my Castalia House column, so if some personal disaster or exhaustion strikes, I won’t fall behind. I DO plan on making my “Sturgeon’s Law Pulp List” its own page, regularly updating it as I review stories, so folks can point to it anytime someone tries to say “the pulps are only bad because 90% everything is bad!” I’ve got two doozies coming up this week and next; if you bothered to download the March 1939 issue of Weird Tales I linked to, you’ll know what I’m talking about!

Lastly, I had to break down and buy a dollar store bag of army men. I got tired of wandering through the aisles of big box stores pondering the cultural implications of a dearth of selection when it came to miniature soldiery, but I have a raid on a Nazi base to run this Friday and don’t have time for a decent $20 bucket of WWII figures to arrive from Amazon.

5 responses to “Half-way through the current stack…

    • Correct. Issue 6 will be out in September.

      I’m not entirely sure if I’m up for another Kickstarter for 2018… If our physical readership were a bit higher, it would be worth it to have copies sent to my house and then mail them out myself, instead of manual fulfillment… but trying to run the zine, promote the Kickstarter, and act as customer service liaison between Amazon/Lulu and backers takes a lot out of me.

      The margins on paperbacks are so thin compared to the time and work it takes to get them out to everyone, I’m considering using it to exclusively sell digital subscriptions and hardcovers. Just set maybe a $50 kickstarter goal, and sell ebooks subs for $1 and hardcovers for about what I’ve been selling them for.

      What would your thoughts on something like that be?

  1. Oh, and I do have two half-finished stories intended for you–my Centurions vs. Svartalves story and my “Fiddler On The Roof” meets “The Boy Who Cried Wolf” story, but right now I am way overwhelmed with 21st Century Thrilling Adventure and I won’t be finishing either in time for this cycle. I’ll hold on to them for later.

    • Hey, that’s no problem, I totally understand!

      The biggest downside of trying to organize this sort of thing is that my own lamentably slow writing pace has almost completely stalled out, otherwise I would’ve tried my hand at something for 21st Century…

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