News & Pulp Futures

Okay, mostly just wanting to keep things front and center and blogging about it is a way that lets me do that.

Where am I?

  1. I’ve got final edits ready to put in. (I am here)
  2. Send out to authors
  3. Finish getting ads in
  4. Send ARCs to backers

Somewhere in there I will also

  1. Start incorporating my own edits on stories I’ve bought
  2. Wait for checks to new writers to clear
  3. Once checks have cleared, announce 2018 lineup to the authors
  4. Upload the lineup on the website
  5. Officially announce the lineup to the world


  1. Setup a pre-order kickstarter for the 1st half of 2018. I’ll be doing it a little different this go round, but you’ll see.
  2. Pick stories to be featured on the cover and hire illustrators.


  1. Try to make sure things are progressing smoothly on not-so-secret project 1.
  2. See if things will work out for secret project 2.
  3. Do the immensely tedious scutwork necessary for not-so-secret project 3.

As you can see, I have a lot of work to do!

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