Cirsova 2018 Lineup Announced

Hey, all! We’re thrilled to announce our lineup for 2018. As you can see, we’ve got some really great writers, old and new, with stories with us for next year.

We will be updating our Contributor Page accordingly and linking to where you can find more about these fantastic authors.

#7 Spring 2018 (Feb/March)
Jason Scott Aiken – The Legend of Blade
Michael Reyes – The Iynx
Adrian Cole – In the Land of Hungry Shadows
Louise Sorensen – The Toads of Machu Hampacchu
Marilyn K. Martin – The Great Culling Emporium
Dominika Lein – Galactic Gamble
Michael Tierney – The Criteria for Admission Into the Galactic Community

#8 Summer 2018 (May/June)
Jim Breyfogle – Brandy & Dye
Amy Power Jansen – Breaking the Accords
Nathan Dabney – Slavers of Venus
Ken McGrath – Party Smashers
Jon Zaremba – Promontory
JD Brink – Littermates (Pt 1)
J Manfred Weichsel – Going Native
Jennifer Povey – Only a Coward

#9 Fall 2018 (August/Sept)
SK Inkslinger – The Bejeweled Chest
PC Bushi – Antares
Donald Jacob Uitvlugt – The Dream Lords
Rob Lang – Hot Water in Wormtown
Spencer Hart – Jeopardy Off Jupiter IV
Paul Lucas – All That Glitters
Edward McDermott – The Faerie Pool
JD Brink – Littermates (pt2)
NA Roberts – Our Lords, the Swine

#10 Winter 2018 (November/December)
Misha Burnett – An Interrupted Scandal
Jim Breyfogle – Sword of the Mongoose
Brian K. Lowe – When Gods Fall
Jason Carney – A Song in Deepest Darkness
B Morris Allen – Crying in the Salt House
Bo Balder – Cirque des Etoiles
Lauren Goff – Amsel the Immortal
Frederick Gero Heimbach – The Best Workout

6 responses to “Cirsova 2018 Lineup Announced

  1. No Schuyler Hernstrom? That’s disappointing.

    It’s cool to see Jon Zaremba’s Promontory get published in Cirsova. Will it be different from the version that was in the booklet of the audio CD?

    • Schuyler’s cut back on writing to focus on music, but we still talk and I can almost guarantee you there will be some new Hernstrom stuff out for folks in the soontime, even if it’s not in the magazines themselves.

    • As for Promontory, it will probably be a bit different, as it’ll be going through a few levels of copy-editing before it gets published, but I don’t know how substantial. We normally don’t do reprints, but I felt that the format was different enough and I had JUST said “What about zombies that are just zombies because evilz?” that we decided to spring for it anyway.

  2. So when do you start taking my money already? Are you doing Kickstarter or taking preorders in house? I need to keep my first edition hardback collection going. Once I have the first ten I’ll seal them in a vault to pay for my kids’ retirements.

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