Eternal Soulfire Vol 1. Review

One of the free comic book day comics I got last year was the issue Zero of a World of Aspen: Eternal Soulfire whatever. The free comics on that Free Comic Book day were largely meh (nowhere near as bad as this year), but I’ll admit that I liked the use of color on this one. I’d nearly forgotten about it, though, when my GF brought volume one home from library.

es 1

Frankly a story about a weird fairy girl in high school, trying to fit in, like the cover implied, would’ve been more interesting than what I actually read. The first chapter, which hinted at this premise, was probably the best in the book.

I burned out on this short collection with two chapters to go. Whatever comic universe this is set in, Eternal Soulfire is not a good introduction to it. Best I can tell, it is grimdark Winx Club, with fairies and dragons and high-tech swat teams that hunt them.


Despite the interesting colorwork I mentioned, a lot of the art feels kind of muddy and hazy, particularly in backgrounds . And while the character art isn’t bad, there’s something that just feels off about the sequential nature of much of the art here—it just doesn’t flow particularly well in a lot of places. One of the middle chapters, a flashback backstory of one of the major characters that had been done by a different team, was one of the few exceptions—while the colors were not so over-the top, the visual flow of the artwork was much better, but not enough to really save it for me.


From Issue 3, where the art probably flowed best.

Soulfire strikes me as people who really enjoy drawing edgy punk fairies (and don’t do a bad job at it) but struggle to find some sort of excuse to do something besides portfolios.


How are you so much less interesting than you look?!

If you’re more familiar with the Soulfire universe, maybe this Jubilee-story of ‘undisciplined teenage girl character has powers and needs to shape up to fit into the new team’ will be up your alley, but I think I’ll give this one a pass for now.


2 responses to “Eternal Soulfire Vol 1. Review

  1. Even with its flaws, that artwork sounds better than a lot of stuff in the Big Two these days. I hardly buy any comics now apart from collections. At the danger of over generalising, I think the problem is the same as in lots of written SF – some talented fans come in as the ‘hot new creators’ but they only see the surface and have little understanding of the underlying structure. This shows in everything they produce. The bubble eventually bursts.

    That’s always a danger in any art form with a thriving fan culture.

    • Yeah, the thing that I realized after I’d written this was that it was just good enough that I was disappointed by it. It wasn’t like “Oh, this is great… oh, wait, what a let down” or “Eh, this is terrible”, but “Oh hey… oh… eh… oh well.” right on the nose.

      I think if given some better direction and a little time, the people working on this project could produce something really great. But there’s more to sequential art a series of well-drawn pictures – they’ve got to flow a bit better than these.

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