Kitty Cat Update!

Good news:

Millie’s test came back negative. All of the worst possibilities have been ruled out. Her throat was a bit irritated and swollen (probably from the hacking cough), but a steroid shot has improved her enough that she’s now eating just fine. In fact, she’s feeling good enough that she’s back to her regular bad-kitty self, tearing around the house, clawing the sofa and biting feet first thing in the morning because she wants to go outside.

Bad news:

Process of elimination says that the real problem has been her flea collar. One of the main reasons why Millie is feeling better is probably that we cut it off a couple days ago when she seemed to be taking a dive. She’d done fine for it on a few months, but over the last month, she’d been a bit lethargic and sometimes throwing up her food. We’d thought that it was an allergic reaction to ingredients in her food and tried a handful of things with varying degrees of success until the last couple days where she’d stopped eating anything but a few bites of canned tuna, seemed really out of it, and coughing/choking. 48 hours after snipping off her collar, it’s been like night and day.

The problem, though, is that Millie is also allergic to fleas; we’d have never gotten a collar for her in the first place if she hadn’t been prone to breaking out around her neck and head, resulting in over-grooming and loss of hair on her ears and temples. So, now, we’re going to have to find an alternative; hopefully an all-natural collar that will at least keep her from getting them as bad as she did without anything at all (cuz let’s face it, the drops you get from the store don’t do anything–we all know that).

More Good News:

A few people have taken out advertisements with us for our next issue. This covers a pretty big chunk of the vet bill. X-Ray, sedation, and steroid came to $200-ish; the fact that it turned out to not be asthma meant that the bill was less than we’d expected (asthma medicine would’ve been another $50ish). So, between the ads that were taken out and the freelance work I’ve been hired to do this month (which covered her first of two trips to the vet this week), I’m only looking at about $30 or $40 out of pocket for the vet bills, which is totally doable!

I’ll have updates on 2018 stuff soonish. September was a pretty okay-ish month for sales, especially once that check for hardcovers shows up. If the money’s in the account, I’ll be hitting up one of the artists I’ve been in touch with about the first cover for 2018.


3 responses to “Kitty Cat Update!

    • Definitely. It’s a mixed blessing, since she absolutely needs something to deal with the fleas, but I’m happy that it’s not a chronic condition like asthma

  1. I don’t know about cats, but my dog takes an oral medicine that keeps the ticks and fleas off. My previous dogs used an external medicine, from the vet, not the one you can buy in stores, and it worked as well, although it was pretty messy on the day it was applied.

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