Just Another Comics Post

I’ve been binging a bit on comics lately, and I’ve come to the conclusion that, whenever I can help it, I’ll go for the single-issues over trade paperbacks.

On one hand, it’s an economic issue. Oddly enough, buying a full run of individual issues is generally cheaper than trades—you can get a six issue run of something for about $6, while unless you can score a really good deal on it, a trade of the same run will go for around $10-$20.

The real reason, though, is I love seeing the ads and reading the letters columns, getting a glimpse back at pop-culture and fandom from yesteryear (probably something I’ve picked up on from going through my stack of pulps).

>Really bad advertisements for Final Fantasy: Mystic Quest


>Some really creepy fanboying for Tim Drake Robin in the letters sections

>Really bad, ham-fisted AIDS PSA

>Some people really excited to buy almost half a dozen variants of the same issue

>Some people really mad about obvious and cynical short term cashing in via half a dozen variants of the same issue

>Editor of DC admitting as early as 92 that with the millions of copies being printed, the collectors’ market was a house of cards, nothing would be worth anything.

Chuck Dixon’s Robin stories are good enough to make me real fan of the character, seeing Gotham through the eyes of some characters close to, but not, Batman. Not enough to make me a squeeing Robin Fanboi, but enough to keep an eye out for any of the Robin mini-series.

Still loving the Legends of the Dark Knight stuff. Destiny makes me hope that there are more stories about Old Norse “Bat Man” (who is basically a deeply introspective version of Dark Wolf from Fire & Ice). There probably aren’t, though.


As recent as 2015, with the Convergence event, there was a Batman & the Outsiders 2-parter, with Katana in her old costume and Halo with long hair. This makes me optimistic for DC.


Unfortunately, Suicide Squad looks like the Harley Quinn show and Katana still has her garbage New 52 redesign. I’d like to see her on another team away from the Harley Quinn trashfire.


Seriously, I’ll be convinced that Suicide Squad is a trash title so long as Harley’s a part of the team.

I know I’d sworn off DC with the New 52, but I may get back in if I find the right title. Until then, though, so long as this #comicsgate mess is going on, I’ll be supporting my local comic shop by buying back issues of 20 and 30 year old stories I’ve missed out on.


8 responses to “Just Another Comics Post

  1. Katana’s new costume doesn’t seem terrible.

    The whole Harley Quinn obsession, outside of the physical assets of Margot Robbie, is so weird to me. The appeal of the original character was that she was a tragic figure, someone you pitied but if you overlooked could occasionally pull out an unexpected trick and get the jump on you. You felt bad for her and rooted for her because she wasn’t really a bad person, just crazy and stuck in an abusive relationship.

    This new version of Harley Quinn is…I don’t even know. What’s the appeal? She’s dressed as and acts like a slut?

    • Okay, yeah, so it’s really not as bad as her actual New 52 era look, but it’s far more based on it than Jim Aparo’s original design. Plus, I felt like the rising-sun facemask was stupid, since being Japanese was not the defining aspect of her character. They toned down emphasis on her boobs (she was never played up as a “sexy dragon lady” in the original), but they used as a starting point the design elements from the days when they were drawing her like this: https://static.comicvine.com/uploads/scale_large/6/66303/2922273-katan_cv2_ds.jpg

      As for Harley Quinn, some people are just into really broke chicks and really broken chicks like to identify with a cute fictional broken chick that dudes who are into broken chicks are into. Harley was a fun gag character with a few touches of darkness to make you go “Oh, hey, wait, this girl has problems and needs to get out.”

      Honestly, the only incarnation of Harley that’s remotely interesting outside of TAS was the one from the Birds of Prey series, where she was a practicing clinical psychiatrist with (Silver Age Helena Wayne) Huntress as a patient.

      • The original Mad Love comic and companion episode is absolutely messed up, and vintage TAS. Very funny, very funny, and if you gave it more than a second of thought deeply disturbing.

      • I’m kinda bummed that they went the hot mess route for Harley.

        Having her as a really smart and cunning mastermind with an understanding of the human psyche but also a deep pathological connection and loyalty to the Joker was a neat approach that I think could’ve had a lot more done with it than what we ultimately saw.

      • I mean, I know it could easily be boiled down to “What if Dr. Hugo Strange was a moderately attractive woman in her early 30s with less sex hangups?” but…

        Damn, that’s weird now that I think about it, but Birds of Prey TV show Harley had far fewer weird sexual hangups than Doc Strange.

  2. I completely agree with you on single issues. I’ve never liked the trade paperbacks, especially how they never include the original cover art for each issue. Like you, I love getting that glimpse into the culture of the time the comic was written. The ads, the age of the paper, the covers, everything comes together to make a great experience. I’ve recently gotten into collecting pulp magazines for the same reason, and that’s been even more satisfying.

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