What’s Coming Up? Letters Section, Short Reviews, Ad Space, and More!

I’m a little jet-lagged by the Holiday Break, but I promise my ranking of the Dark Knights will be coming soon!

Cirsova got its first letter for our letters section, from none other than Dave Ritzlin of DMR Books (Swords of Steel, Scrolls of Legendry). What’s it say? Well, you’ll have to pick up the spring issue to find out, but if you have a letter you’d like to send us to publish, you can do so by sending us an email to cirsova at yahoo dot com with the subject “letters”.

I’m staying on top of Short Reviews, though I lost my shot at getting ahead of the game over the holidays because when A. Merritt Fantasy Magazine publishes a “Novel”, they aren’t putting Novel in pulp-mag finger quotes. But what a Novel it was!

I’ll be returning to Wargame Wednesday for a stretch at Castalia, but I gotta put some polish on some things! But you’ll see some play-throughs of Avalon Hill’s Battle of the Bulge coming from us soon.

Lastly, we’ve still got some ad space in issue 7. Check here for details!

8 responses to “What’s Coming Up? Letters Section, Short Reviews, Ad Space, and More!

    • We’ll be using Kickstarter as a means to sell subscriptions at a modest early-bird discount but without any pretense of actually “kickstarting”.

      We still haven’t found a decent subscription platform, and I’d rather not use Patreon if I can help it. If Freestartr ever lets you do quarterly instead of monthly, I might go for that, but the functionality just isn’t there yet.

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