JimFear138 Running Temple of Elemental Evil

I’m normally not into listening to other groups playing D&D, but I love listening to JimFear and have been getting a kick out these. Listening to him get through the dreaded “boxed text” of this classic module is a riot (and also an excellent illustration of why most folks in the OSR have taken an anti-boxed-text stance.

Also, interesting to see how they’re dealing with running an AD&D module as a B/X adventure.

3 responses to “JimFear138 Running Temple of Elemental Evil

    • If it was that painful to read for someone who’s a professional narrator, imagine how it is for us regular DMs who don’t read other people’s fiction aloud for a living!

      • High there, Aelf-Right hero Ahlrich of Melnibourne here – I’m the one accidentally mixing OSR houserules and home mixes in with the B/X-by-the-book Jim is trying to make happen.

        The boxed text hurts. The lack of monster ecology hurts. I can feel every innovation we’ve made in the OSR in the gap between now and then when they are missing, and I just want to stuff Jim’s head with all the weird wonderful crap that has bubbled up out of the collective brainmuck.

        On the other hand…its still shockingly fun.

        On the other, other hand…running with this many people makes me pine for T&T’s side vs. side resolution system or DCC’s “EVERYTHING GOES TO 11!!” power level to get through this stuff at a decent pace.

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