New D&D game!

I may start running a B/X game on alternating fridays starting next week. I’ve already planned out something of a mini-mega-dungeon with some neat horror themes. It’s mostly just a hack & slash crawl as written, but there are a few spots with built in development, in the form of a few excavatable secondary entrances and places where factions can move in from the outsider.

The base idea was “prelude to the Deathcrypt of the Ultralich”, but the “TruCrypt” may not be reachable or reached within the framework of the game we’re playing.

Right now, I’ve got a ruined temple, built on top of a ruined monastery, built on top of old crypts, on top of a cavern with an underground river, presumably on top of the tru-crypt of the Ultralich.

Also, there’s an owlbear’s lair somewhere on the hillside because you can’t have a b/x dungeon without an owlbear.

I’m going to use strict b/x magic rules, something I’ve not done before, so I’m going to be sure to pepper the dungeon liberally with magic scrolls. MUs who don’t pick “Read Magic” will kick themselves >:D

I want to avoid going Monty Hall, but I also don’t want my dungeon to be so bare that feels impossible to level up. I’ve been playing with the treasure generator, and it turns up NIL treasure hoards far more often that it turns up big stashes. I don’t know. We’ll have to see. I may make adjustments based on how the party is doing.

The top level is fairly empty, devoid of monsters and treasures, because I want to give it a true abandoned ruin feel to it. Hopefully, that will make the encounters they DO have there have more impact. Plus, it will give a place for outsiders to try to set-up shop once the dungeon has been “discovered”.


One response to “New D&D game!

  1. I keep wanting to play a little, and yet can’t find anyone around where I live (Woodstock NY area). I’m not a good dm at all, so I hope maybe I can find something going on locally. Oh well–enjoy your game.

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