All Copies Have Gone to Fulfillment

I promise I will get to talking about how the Mass Combat playtest worked out soonish; I’ve just been swamped this week with real work, mailing copies out, and other stuff. Will things settle down? I don’t know, but at least I’ve got my short review for Friday in the can!

Hardcovers should have shipped by now, and all softcover orders are in; according to Amazon, softcovers should be arriving by the 9th.

Typically, every time I send out tracking #s, folks have already gotten their copies before I even send them. So, if you think your package is late or missing (hasn’t arrived by the 15th), just let me know, and I’ll look into it for you. If your package arrives damaged (this time of year, water damage in post is the most common issue we hear about), let me know, Amazon is really good about replacing damaged orders.

Some of you may have already had a chance to read the digital versions. For those who have read issue 7, it would be a tremendous help to us to leave a review on Amazon when you get a chance.

Also, please support our advertisers! Advertiser support let us go back to quarterly for this year; if you pick something up you see in one of our ads, be sure to let them know you picked it up because you saw it in Cirsova!

I just passed Issue 8 off to Mark for his round of copy edits, and I should be getting art back soonish, too, so that’s where we are on that.

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