Createspace Chronicles

The physical softcover version Cirsova #8 is dangerously close to being late, so I thought I’d show folks why.

The problem we’ve been having is a combination of Createspace’s 24-hour turn-around time on file review and support contact with the fact that they have been inconsistent about what the blocking issues for the cover are.

This was the first issue we had.


I got this twice, even after making some tweaks to text, so I asked what the problem was.


It turns out that reviewers will actually show you the blocking issues they highlighted, but only if you contact them. It turned out that I’d accidentally set an additional 1/8″ bleed (the print area was fine) they thought that a small snip of white outside the bleed meant that I wanted a border; they didn’t highlight the text that was allegedly too close to the edge.

7968709 cover

I had a manual and an auto-bleed on when I exported. Oops…

Then I get this:


The advertising images haven’t been a problem for us before, but this time it was because we had the Amazon logo. I also finally get an answer that the date under our artist’s signature is the text that’s too close to the edge; I explain that there’s really nothing I can do about the artists signature and ask if they can cut us some slack.

Below are the images the reviewer sent.

Issue 8 problem 2.JPG

So, the artist’s signature, which is embedded in the art and can’t be moved is too close to the bottom.

issue 8 problem 3.PNG

Well, there’s room to squeeze in B&N’s web address, where you can also buy Michael’s awesome book.


Now I’m told that to reference Amazon, I need two other places listed. Well, there’s one already, so I add Notice that there’s nothing mentioned about text too close to the edge blocking the file. I resubmit having done what the last reviewer asked, making sure that there are two additional outlets listed. Then I get this:


What the last reviewer said was a problem is no longer an issue. And something the last reviewer didn’t mention was an issue is now an issue again. We are back to square one…


Amazon’s support hotline is broken; when you call, it tells you to dial an extension then hit #, but instead of stating an extension, it makes electronic farting noising.

I reached out to social media support, so I’m hoping that someone real will actually call me so this can get straightened out.

We have never had issues like before and hopefully will not again, but this has been so frustrating that I’m ready to tear my hair out.

5 responses to “Createspace Chronicles

  1. I had the same, or very similar, issue with my book, and it took me weeks. I can’t remember what I did exactly, but I think I ditched CreateSpace and went directly to the Kindley’s self-publishing paperback tool they had just put there.

  2. I was batted around a bit with my last book, too. They wouldn’t give me a straight answer as to what I had to do. To test, I sent the same file in twice and the second time was told it was fine.

    An automatic process would be 10 times more helpful.

    • At one point, they said they could permanently turn off human review, but that was when I was first getting started and was a scared and sniveling coward. Maybe it’s not too late?

  3. It’s a terrible pain. As I said before, I had issues like this too once. Everytime I fixed something, they’d decide something else was now wrong, even though it wasn’t wrong the first 3 times. Very exhausting and frustrating.

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