Death Crypt of the Ultralich – The Artificer’s Workshop

The artificer’s workshop is below the south end of the abbey. It can be reached either by the stairs in the annex behind the hidden door or via the well.

Dungeon Level 3 - Workshop

  1. Artificer’s Bedroom. Skeleton*. Desk w/notes–Read Language will reveal his attempts to build “Daughters”. +1 Plate.
  2. Inner workshop. All manner of tools & blueprints, cogs, springs. A desk, tables, half-assembled bronze constructs. 4x “Daughters” 4HD*, AC3, 40′ 1d6*/1d6. (*stun for one round). Scrap worth 6k gold.
  3. 2x Iron Living Statues. 500 steel ingots.
  4. Workshop supplies. 100 hammers. 25 screwdrivers. 50 wrenches. 25 unknown tools.
  5. 3 patrolling bronze walkers. HD2, AC4 30′ 1d6 (will flee if attacked and summon LS then Daughters.
  6. Anvils, barrels of springs (5x 100 gp each) and gears (5x 100 gp each).

*:active if seal in L2-26 is broken.

6 responses to “Death Crypt of the Ultralich – The Artificer’s Workshop

    • We just wrapped up our G3 campaign; I’m still running B/X, since that’s what I’m comfortable with, but I’m starting to wish I used Basic Fantasy–I’m willing to concede that ascending Armor Class is superior, and if I used an OSR game or wasn’t too lazy to convert everything myself on the fly, it would eliminate the occasional grumblings from some of my new-school players.

      I actually have the books to run either 2nd or 3rd ed, but after my last 3e game, I kind of swore that system off forever. I have no strong feelings either way about 2e but also know that there’s no way in hell I’d find anyone who’d be excited to play it over any other edition.

      In a few months, though, I’m signed up to run a game of Blueholme at a local mini-con.

      • I should have… been more specific. If i were to investigate an edition to build an automated character generator for as an auxiliary project, which one do you think would be most useful for creating NPC parties?

        I might be 2 years out from my B/X research, so I’m not sure which rules set that is exactly, though i probably have it kicking around. Blue? Magenta? Another one? I assume it isn’t Gygax’s AD&D, though i have a physical AD&D DMG. Lol

      • Sorry! It’s been a crazy couple of days getting ready for the pre-order launch of Wild Stars.

        It’s the red and blue boxes. Red, primarily.

        You might look into some of the character gen stuff that DCC has for generating large numbers of 0-level PCs on the fly for ideas, though.

        Really, what would be great would be a system that calculated what a classed PC/NPC’s wealth should be based on their level and how that would translate into equipment, magic items, and both consumable and non-consumable resources, but I think that’s outside the scope of what you may be looking at.

      • Red & Blue boxes, got it. 😉

        Actually, what you described is within the scope of my project. It originally was the scope of my project, before I expanded it to include… um, lots of other stuff. When you have some time and aren’t scrambling to get your book launched, I’ve blogged a bit about what I’m doing.

        Obviously, this isn’t required reading or anything, it’s just the most recent posts I’ve made about my project.

        I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the “Nemesis System” of Shadow of Mordor / Shadow of War. If not, I’d recommend glancing over it. It’s a rudimentary uh, “dynamic faction” of the sort that you might expect from a megadungeon.

        As you fight your way through the orc hierarchy, you can spare (i.e. get killed by) and help promote captains until they reach the level of warchief. Meanwhile, they feast and fight among themselves, and do other orc-y things.

        My hope is to clone the essential system, then expand it for NPCs. I want to include factions for NPCs and monsters, and then create a system for the two to interact (drawing inspiration from games like Blades in the Dark, Stars Without Number, and Birthright, among others).

        That isn’t… all, though.

        See, a little over a year ago I wrote a StarGen program for Traveller, and I gradually expanded it to generate stars & worlds along the lines of Classic Traveller’s Expanded System (which goes beyond Stars/Worlds to create entire star systems).

        My hope, is to combine Traveller and Dungeons & Dragons generators to do something… wonderfully awful. Honestly, I’m not sure what exactly will come of it. I’m working from both the top-down and bottom-up simultaneously, and I hope to achieve a meeting in the middle.

        I’ve read tons of old and new games and I have more on hand for reference: Battletech, Birthright, Classic Traveller, Shadowrun, Star Wars, and plenty of obscure titles. I’m hoping to create a science fantasy mashup… thing. It’s no coincidence, lol, that I’ve been reading tons of old Marvel comics since my wife got a Marvel Unlimited subscription.

        There’s way too much to even blog about and I’ve already accomplished a lot.

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