Progress Updates! Wild Stars, Fall/Winter, Stark, and 2019

We just finished our Wild Stars Kickstarter and raised over $4k!

Once we figure out where this project will leave us financially, we’ll have a better idea of what the future holds for Cirsova Publishing.

But right now, the company is broke: all of our money is tied up in 3 major investments –

  • Issue 9 & 10 (all stories and all art has been paid for)
  • The Illustrated Stark
  • 100 ISBNs from Bowker

There is no money free for 2019 story purchases at the time, and since we pay on acceptance, we can’t say with certainty whether we will be accepting submissions and if so, when.

We WILL be taking advertisements for Cirsova issues 9 and 10. Right now, the back cover of issue 9 is spoken for, but otherwise, all of these rates apply.

Pre-orders for the Fall and Winter issues of Cirsova will open up in two weeks. We’ll be Kickstarting for the actual amount that we’ll need to carry on the magazine. If we don’t meet the goals, we’ll just put 9 & 10 up on Amazon and Lulu to buy directly from the printers.Issue 9 Cover no ad v2 low res cover


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