Pre-orders for Issues 9 & 10 are live!

We’re taking pre-orders for issues 9 & 10.

Q: Why is S&H so high?

A: It’s not. We split out S&H cost as a separate item for once. HC tiers are actually cheaper than they have been in the past.

Q: So you mean you were selling the magazine for $6 a copy the whole time?

A: Yes, I’m bad at business.

Q: Wait, so you’re kickstarting for $5k?

A: Yes, that’s actually what it would cost to publish 2 issues of Cirsova.

Q: Usually it’s been way less!

A: We’ve never broken even, and I’m out of fun money. All my resources are now sunk into Illustrated Stark.

Q: What happens if you don’t raise $5k?

A: 9 & 10 are in the can, fully paid for. This $ is being raised for 2019. If we don’t raise it, 9 & 10 will go up on Amazon when they would’ve anyway, and I don’t spend a hectic week entering fulfillment data.

Q: Are these really the “Final Issues of Cirsova Heroic Fantasy and Science Fiction Magazine?”

A: Yes. If we get enough money to launch vol 2, the subtitle will be different. If not, there’ll be a break in 2019 while I scrounge $ for a vol 2.

Q: So, when are you taking submissions again?

A: When I have at least $2000 cash-on-hand necessary to make acquisitions, pay Anton Oxenuk for his marvelous cover art, and Xavier and Mark for their copy-editing.


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