Updates, Advertisements, and Short Reviews

Man, what a week!

Cirsova just wrapped up its most successful kickstarter evar.

And it’s probably the last kickstarter we do.

We’re going to experiment going over to the IndieGoGo platform in the future, since that’s where all the cool kids are. Plus, flexible funding and lower fees sounds nice. But that’s in the months to come.

Sunday this week is the last day to get in advertisements for issue 9. We’re a little thin on advertising content for this issue because all of our time was spent getting Wild Stars out by the end of July and then running the Kickstarter for issues 9 & 10. But if you do advertise with us, know that the magazine is going out to over 200 subscribers.

WordPress did some weird updates, so Castalia House has been down for a couple weeks now. I’m not sure when it will come back up; when it does, I’ll be resuming my weekly column there. I’m taking this week off, because I need to steel myself to get started on part 2 of Asimov’s “…And Now You Don’t”. If Castalia House isn’t back up, I will continue my column here at Cirsova. Doing it For the Fans.

Cirsova will open for submissions in October. Before then, I’ll post some of what we want and what we don’t want.


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