Winter Projects Update

I hate empty, contentless “I’m alive posting”, but things have been too crazy to write up any new game or fiction related content. So, instead, I’ll update you on the status of our upcoming projects:

-Thursday is the last day to get ad content to us for issue 9. After that, I’m uploading the files.

-Next week, I’ll begin entering fulfillment info for Issue 9.

-Issue 10 has been reviewed by both of our editors and is now in the hands of the contributors. I’ve heard back from most of them, so we’re easily on track.

-I’ve got a cool project that I’m keeping under my hat but will have some news on soon.

-Guidelines for Cirsova Volume 2 will be posted soonish.

-Castalia House is back online, so Short Reviews may be back where they belong (unless you believe they belong here).

-Have another tease for Illustrated Stark:

Enchantress of Venus ad.png

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