Churchill, Tribalism and an Apologia

“It is the primary right of men to die and kill for the land they live in, and to punish with exceptional severity all members of their own race who have warmed their hands at the invaders’ hearth.” – Winston Churchill

Churchill spoke these words in reference to the wholesale slaughter of the Romans and the their British allies during the war led by Boadicea in an effort to reclaim Britain for the Britons. “We see the crude and corrupt beginnings of a higher civilisation blotted out by the ferocious uprising of the native tribes.”

For context: I’m about 700-odd pages into Churchill’s 2400 page History of English-Speaking Peoples.

There’s a relatively new meme floating about that England has always been diverse and multicultural; and it’s true! It has also been a highly conflicted and tribalized society that was only able to push aside that tribality when focusing its energies externally–wars against Scotland, France, the entire world, allowed briefly the ancient divisions of Briton, Saxon, Norman, and Dane to be, if not forgotten, set-aside. And what is more fascinating is that all of that conflict, bloodshed, division and tribalism takes place in a geography smaller than the average United State.

Fast forward to today, where post-enlightenment identitarianism is on the rise. On one hand, you have white identitarians, neo-nazis and the like; and on the other, you have non-white identitarians who in the guise of “anti-nazism” would visit violence on all others they deem outside of their tribe. The latter are frequent to bring up World War II and fighting literal Nazis as moral justification. The former cling to mantras like the 14 words and ideologies of political systems and thinkers antithetical to the traditions of Anglo common law, when they could’ve easily found, in Churchill–a man quintessentially British AND American, a figure sympathetic to the ideas they clumsily express. The latter, in their righteous cloak, ultimately indulge in the same tribalism that they purport to demonize–and in laying claim to the cause of anti-Nazism and anti-Fascism, who do they find in their camp as the greatest warrior against Nazism and Fascism but the great Tribalist himself, Winston Churchill?

Ruminations on these ideas led to this unfortunate late-night shitpost which clearly failed to convey or fully illustrate the ironies I had been contemplating for some time. I own it. But to quote Richard C. Meyer: “It was a bad idea”


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