Submissions! Where Are We?

Under a pile of them, that’s for sure!

We’re just a little over a week in, and we’ve received nearly 70 submissions! With three weeks to go, we could easily receive over 200 more!

In the past, we tended to respond right away, one way or the other, on stories we received, but back then we did not quite have the tight budget constraints that we have now. With competition so heated for our 2019 space, more stories that would be off-the-bat “Accepts” are necessarily falling into the “Maybe” category. These will be weighed against one another once we have made more headway into the slush pile.

So, where are we in the slush pile?

About 20 stories in. Things have gone a bit slowly, in part, because we haven’t had any stories yet that we just tossed out straight-away.

As we make progress this week, we’ll begin letting Strong Maybes know their pieces are still under consideration, and we’ll be sending out the first batch of rejections around the same time. If your story is rejected, you are welcome to submit another story.



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