Final Week for Submissions Update

October 31st is the final day for Cirsova Submissions.

As you can imagine, I’m still buried in submissions, though I’ve at least got the remaining unread manuscripts printed out and in a stack.

We are probably going to have 50 strong contenders for space by the end of our submission period which we will have to narrow down to what we can fit and what we can afford.

At this point, if your submission receives a rejection from us, unless we specifically tell you to send us something else, we strongly advise not sending us another manuscript. Many of the rejections we will be sending out soon will have less to do with the quality of story than our inability to place every good story we receive, particularly since we’ve received some great ones that we may end up having to turn away. Chances are that a new submission will not bump one of the stories we are still considering off the bubble.

Over the next two to three weeks, I will be personally writing around a hundred rejection emails. It is literally my least favorite part of the gig. Please also understand that we can’t provide extensive feedback on stories that we are not making offers on. Sometimes, a story is just not to our taste. Sometimes, we love a story but realize that it’s just not going to be a piece we can fit given our space and budget constraints. Sometimes we want a story but have to make the hard choice to give one of the available slots to a different story.

Generally, do not hold rejected stories for us to try and submit next year. Submit them elsewhere; get your story out there. Even in cases where we like a story but can’t fit it one year, there’s a good chance that we might not be able to fit it the next year for similar reasons. There have been a few occasions where we have gone back and asked for stories we’d seen before that either we really did not want to miss out on but simply could not buy it at the time or what had not fit the magazine’s format at one time now fits our direction, but these cases are very rare and we will be the ones to ask about those stories we have already seen.

Thank you again for all of your submissions! We have enjoyed reading them and are looking forward to the next year of our magazine’s publication!

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