Happy Halloween! (Subs Closing, Hardcover Sale, & more)

It’s technically the last day of submissions, and anything that we are sent WILL be considered, but all stories are now competing to bump off one or more A-tier maybes.

DMR Books is open now, and Broadswords & Blasters will be accepting submissions starting tomorrow, so if you have a story you’re thinking about sending at the last second to us, you might be better off sending it to one of them instead. We’ll try to get rejections out in time for people who might be interested in resubmitting there to get in before they fill up, too.

Our Hardcovers are on sale today only with promo-code “TWENTY18” for 20% off. You can snag one here, and don’t forget, hardcover is the only way to get our /v/Anon Carter of Mars Ku Kuru Yo variant of Issue 2.

I’ll probably start making offers in the second week of November. Back in September, somebody hit my car, so I need to plan for covering the deductible before the other guy’s insurance comes through and have a contingency for if the body shop decides to fix pre-existing damage even though I told them not to.

Finally, have something spoopy for Halloween:

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